C1 Players Introduction

Any player beginning this campaign will be arriving via ship after a two-month journey. The ship is very big, and contains many Non-player characters who share no affiliation. Player characters may or may not know each other beforehand. Every player character must have a rationale for leaving a familiar continent behind to start a brand new life in the unknown.

All players begin with the following campaign knowledge:

The world
-The world features a 1700’s-Esq level of technological advancement
-Magic is widely viewed as utilitarian and is treated similarly to a trade-skill

Empire of Belicae
-Belicae is the Political Empire sponsoring this trip; it is a large and powerful Empire on the continent from which the PC’s come from
-Belicae is known for being relatively benevolent in a general sense
-The empire does not practice racism on a societal scale, but certain races face prejudice to various degrees.
-The empire is vast both land-wise and culturally, all walks of life, success and magic can be found within its borders.

The colony of New Belicae
-The colony you are traveling to has a reputation for easy-come fortunes and plentiful opportunity
-The colony has a reputation of being more progressive sociologically

C1 Players Introduction

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