Sciathan Scath

Half-Elf Rogue


Small and slightly built, Sciathan slips between the shadows with ease. Her skin is deathly pale, due to a life lived out of the sun. Her eyes are a light leaf green with dark green flecks, and her hair is long and flowing, jet black with a green iridescence in the light. Both traits she received from her unknown Elvish father. She prefers to dress in black, with tight fitting, simple yet well-made brown leather armor. Her armor is light, so as not to impede her movement and provides just enough protection to keep her alive. She prefers instead to rely upon her own skills in stealth, aided by her rogue’s cloak, which she is rarely seen without.

Sciathan speaks Common, Elvish, Thieve’s Cant, and Strider.

Max Hit Points: 25
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Strength: -1
Dex: +3
Const: +2
Intel: 0
Wis: +3
Char: +3


Little is known about Sciathan Scath, who was born to a group of traveling acrobats on the western coast. Achieving some renown among her people for her skill, she attracted the attention of the members of Tovichko’s Light stationed in the outer forts. Seeking a life of service, she joined the Light upon entering her teens, completing her early training at the fort at Ith Point. During the long winter rains that plague the northern peninsula, she devoted her free time to studying the remains of the Striders, the almost mythic race that inhabited the continent prior to settlement.

Sciathan Scath

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