Viso Rai "The Arclasher"


Health: 9
AC: 14
Passive Perception: 12

Str: +5
Dex: +4
Con: +1
Int: -1
Wis: +2
Cha: +0


Viso was born in the Emirate of Alterium. Orphaned as an infant, he was brought to Tovichco soon after as part of the poorly conceived Kids for Kegs exchange. He grew up admiring the founding heroes of Tovichco’s Light, and trained diligently in the hopes of one day joining the Order himself. Viso’s earliest teachers expected him to tap into his draconic heritage and learn some form of spellcraft. Instead, the young dragonborn idolized the barbarian Mu’kumba. He is a frequent competitor in the Tovichco Arena, forswearing armor and as likely to throw a punch as a javelin. Viso has also become involved in the relatively new fad of “theatrical fighting”: choreographed combat combined with questionable stories.

Viso Rai "The Arclasher"

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