Alexander Loup

Human warlock


Alexander Is seen as uppity or stuck-up. He is often mistaken for a child, but is believed to be much older. he favors the finer things, dressing in unusual silks.

AC : 10
passive perception: 13
Str: -1
Dex: -1
Con: -1
Int: +3
Wis: +5
Cha: +5


Appearing in Tovichko ten years ago Alexander’s past is unknown. Believing him to be a child when he arrived, the order took Alexander in. Realizing that he was not a child, Tovichko’s light put him to work in their library. As time passed a friendship formed between Alexander and Sora, the orphaned dragonborn who originally found him. Honing his innate magical talent, Alexander strove to officially join the order.

Alexander Loup

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