Ophinshtalahjiir "Zealous" Sora

Dragonborn Cleric


Sora is a dragonborn cleric, with a gold draconic ancestry. She wears cleric vestments over chainmail. Her weapons of choice are the mace and crossbow. Her defenses are supplemented with a shield. An amulet of the goddess Sarenrae adorns her neck which allows her to channel Her magic and allows Sora to cast magic.

Health: 9
AC : 17
Passive Perception: 12
Str: +3
Dex: +1
Con: +1
Int: 0
Wis: +4
Cha: +1


Sora was born in Tovichko, her father, Arjhan, was a great fighter of Tovichko’s Light, died in combat when she was only a babe. Arjhan’s companions in battle became great influences during Sora’s upbringing. She grew closer to her mother, Perra, who worked for the order in intelligence as a code-breaker. One day, when Sora was only 3 (8 in human years), Perra disappeared without a trace. Orphaned, she was taken in by the orphanage of the order, run by the cleric Thasgrour. About 10 years ago, while communing with Sarenrae during morning prayers, Sora found a young boy. Alexander Loup and the young cleric quickly became best of friends, although his origin is still a mystery. Upon reaching adulthood, Sora joined Tovichko’s Light to honor her parents.

Ophinshtalahjiir "Zealous" Sora

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